General Technology Resources

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SMART Board YouTube Channel with instructional videos:

SMART Board You Tube

The SMARTClassroom YouTube Channel provides "how to" tutorials on how to use and implement your SMART Board in the classroom.

How to create a blog with Blogger by Google:


TED-Ed: A way to use videos to create engaging lessons in the classroom! This is the website that Dr. Krahn shared with us to help us with flipping the classroom.

Excel Tutorial

iPads in the Classroom

Khan Academy Educational Videos

iPad Power Tips Randy Damewood a Director of Technology shares tips on how to use simple functions on the iPad such as copy/paste, magnify text, how to use the web browser, and what items are needed to hook up your iPad wirelessly as a projector.

Educational Insights This website provides numerous links to different subject material on the internet along with iPad blogs and articles on how to use this technology in the classroom.

Class Management on how to use class sets of iPads

Teach with your iPad This Wiki offers iPad apps sorted by grade level, subject, and type.

AppleTV in the classroom
"One of the comments I heard over and over again was, “I want to see the teacher circulating among the students.” You can’t do that if you’re attached to the interactive white board. I have an AppleTV in my classroom hooked up to a projector. Using my iPad and AirPlay, I can wirelessly mirror any content on my iPad to the screen at the front of the room. The real advantage is evident during collaborative activities. Students can use their own iOS devices to connect to the AppleTV to share their work with the rest of the class. I can be anywhere in the room and still run my lesson. I can pull up sound and video clips on my iPad and instantly share them with my class without being attached to any particular location in the room."

Connect the iPad to a Smartboard: iPad and Smarboard This explains the Apple VGA Adapter and provides pictures on how to set it up correctly.
VIDEO connecting to the smartboard
iPad to Projector Video

How to set up your own Wiki for your classroom: